ATC 330 Bioelectronics is the science that, through the analysis of the electrochemical characteristics of the 3 main human body fluids, blood, saliva and urine, determines the condition of well-being of the “Cellular Terrain”, that is the environment in which are embedded all cells in our body.

From the goodness of this “Terrain” depends the health of cells living in it, and finally the person wellness as well.

Cells live and breathe exchanging nutrients with the environment in which they are immersed. If it is clean and energy-balanced, they will have an efficient nutrient delivery, good vitality and a remarkable ability to regenerate and heal themself.

On the other side, an unbalanced environment, oxidized, full of toxins and electrochemically unbalanced, will cause a progressive cells weakening until chronic disorders and more or less serious dysfunctions.

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This technique is very simple, fast and extremely reliable at the same time, placing the Vincent’s Bioelectronics in the area of wellness and pre-clinical medicine.

Compared with other known diagnostic systems, ATC330 represents an important joining link between the clinic-pathological medical approach and the energetic one: in fact the device is able to scientifically measure the energetic balances of the organism, never examined in other ways, allowing a deeper analysis of the root cause of many troubles and problems.

To this day the ATC330 system is the only device capable of providing an objective evaluation (following the criteria of scientific nature and reproducibility according to the traditional standards ) of energetic perspectives, more and more appreciated by final consumers, allowing to determine whether a specific vulnerability exists or whether a tendency towards particular unbalances is present.

In particular, the Cellular Terrain Analysis with ATC330 allows to determine and balance:

– The vitality of the organism from which the immune response and feeling of chronic weariness depend.

– The reactive capacity of the subject on an overall level, at the level of nutrient absorption and at the level of toxin draining, to maintain the organism constantly efficient.

– The energetic activity of the main organs and body cavities, like the energy of mitochondria, at the basis of the processes of aerobic breathing and crucial for the prevention of degenerative pathologies.

– The energy of organs like kidneys, liver, intestine, pancreas, cardiovascular and nervous system, bones whose vitality and synergy are crucial for the body metabolisms and the patient’s well-being

– The indexes of emotional stress, electrosmog stress, at the basis of a slow yet progressive  attrition of the organism.

– The acidosis index, from which inflammations depend.

– The oxidative stress, from which allergies and general illnesses depend.

– The diathesis framing according to Menetrier, to determine the tendency towards which the cellular Terrain is moving, providing useful suggestions  in terms of integrations to rebalance the organism.

– The cellular harmony chart, related to the synergy among the organelles within the cell and the intracellular energetic balances.

– The evolution of troubles and problems due to a progressive pollution of the cellular Terrain, providing useful indication on how to restore the cellular homeostasis.

– The action of certain medicaments, drugs, supplements or food on the organism.

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“The microbe is nothing, the Terrain is everything.”
.                                          Claude Bernard (Physiologist) – 1813-1878


“Medicine of the future will tend to diagnose the disease early, when first functional disorders begin, that is to say during pre-anatomic, pre-clinical or pre-symptomatic stage. In this way, preventive medicine will overtake the therapeutic one.”
                                         Giuseppe Calligaris (Medical Doctor)