ATC 330 is the key element of the new Bioelectronics measurement system.

It is the integrated system able to provide at the same time the reading values of pH, Redox and resistivity, using limited amounts of liquids, allowing rapid and clean analysis, proving the extreme versatility and practicality of the device.

The extreme sensors reliability and accuracy, the automatic emptying system and the technology employed ensure a very low error level in all parameters measurements.

With a totally new formulation, new algorithms and measurement system, the ATC330 device is equipped with a new software for automatic analysis and an easy interpretation of the data providing a complete layout of the Cellular Terrain and highlighting potential unbalances which may compromise the individual’s health.




Shown below are the main innovative features of Bioelectronic ATC330 updated in May 2017:

– Measurement cell with a small quantity of liquid, necessary for the analysis (< 1 cc)

– Thermostatic measurement cell, set at 37 °C

– Extremely precise and reliable electrodes.

– Semiautomatic calibration, balanced with the temperature of the cell

– Electrode resolution pH ± 0.001, Redox ± 1 mV, Resistivity ± 0.1 Ohm

– Vitrified platinum redox electrode, with no need to clean or to manually intervene

– Semiautomatic cleaning of the measurement cell, with no need to manually dismantle the device.

– Re-elaboration of the calculation software with analysis of the existing indexes, revision and validation of the existing indexes with hundreds of clinic cases performed with specific medical support for the purposes of research and development

– Automatic software, with direct communication between computer and device, for an immediate elaboration of the values and indexes referred to the cellular Terrain.

– New energetic indexes referred to particular body cavities, constitutional framing and automatic suggestion of the main useful supplements to rebalance the organism, taking into account the specific analysis of the subject in exam.

– Chronobiological analysis of kidney biorhythm in order to determine the acid-base equilibria during the day and the kidneys activation during daily activities.

– Small size of the device, which makes it easily transportable for home exams.

– Possibility to perform Cellular Terrain analysis even without taking the blood sample, for non-sanitary operators. For more details click here




The analysis is carried out by simultaneously measuring all the essential parameters for each considered fluid. These parameters are shown  on the display of the device and automatically sent to the computer for data analysis and processing.

ATC 330 3


The instrument is manufactured in Italy by CLR Italia s.r.l.
CLR has been established in 1986 and has carried out a long term experience in designing and manufacturing instruments for electrochemical analysis.

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