All graphs and parameters of Vincent’s Bioelectronics have been revised and corrected at the light of the most recent discoveries and technological improvements, developed after hundreds of measurements performed on healthy and sick persons.

It results in new algorithms formulation extensively tested and verified, used to provide good cells harmony evaluation, based on the hydrogen-oxygen ratios, as well as numerous energy and entropy indicators about human biological Terrain, that characterize the predisposition to imbalances and cellular homeostasis loss.

All algorithms were developed by Mattia Zambetti, with the collaboration of Giovanni Righetti, an expert electro technician who has been dealing with the development of Vincent’s Bioelectronics for over 30 years. He revised the whole studies of the same Vincent, improving and resolving many issues unresolved for many years. In close relationship with German physicians and technicians at the Medtronik, and with the collaboration of French medical oncologist Ph. Lagarde, he has personally performed more than 6000 measurements in healthy subjects and patients. Giovanni Righetti rewrote over the years the new algorithms of ATC 330 Bioelectronic.

He knows in detail the effects caused by electrical impulses, environment, diet and emotions on biological environment and on human cells. His contribution has been fundamental for the evolution of scientific and technical aspects that have led to the creation of the ATC 330 device.

ATC330 Cellular Terrain analysis allow to obtain valuable information about the energetic balance of the environment where our body cells are immersed.

In particular following results will be obtained:

Terrain layout and indexes of energetic activity of main organs/body areas:risultati-eng

Menetrier Diathesis and constitution type:


It represents the framing Diathesis / constitutional structure of the subject being analyzed. The greater the distance of the red dot () from the green zone, the faster the imbalance in the diathesis highlighted.

Cellular harmony chart and adapting capacity:

Armonia cellulare

The diagram also represents the ability of the body to adapt itself, that means the body’s resource to self-balance or find cellular homeostasis in case of alterations. Red dot () represents the current condition.

Cardiovascular Harmony Chart:

Armonia cardiovascolare

The red dot position () indicates the area of cardiovascular harmony for the current analysis.

Kidney chronobiological rhythm:

Crono renale

It is a special analysis that displays the pH of the urine and associated kidney energy throughout the day so as to capture any circadian events that inhibit renal activity in particular subjective situations (particular foods taken during the day, lifestyle, habits, etc.).


An example of an analysis has been made before and after lifestyle correction in a person with severe stress, unbalanced nutrition and poor physical activity.

As you can see the situation after a few weeks it is sensibly improved.


Cellular Terrain in deep imbalance. The red dot () is in a zone of strong energy imbalance.



As a result of proper nutrition, improvement of lifestyle with physical activity and personalized natural supplements, within a few weeks it is possible to see a remarkable improvement in the general equilibrium.

The Cellular Terrain analysis usually involves taking samples of blood, saliva and urine.

However, it is possible to obtain reliable results even without taking the blood sample. This allows non-health practitioners to properly carry out the Cellular Terrain analysis, as naturopathic-bioenergetic assessments and not as medical diagnoses. For more details click here